People recover from alcoholism and drug addiction every day, but they rarely do it alone.  

Freedom Ranch August Update

Ranchers enjoyed the fruits (or vegtables) of their labor this week as they feasted on corn from the garden. Gardening is much like sobriety in that it requires commitment, community, responsibility and hard work. Week in and week out, Ranchers enjoy the sweet rewards of both.



Freedom Ranch provides a program of recovery that saves lives. We’ve helped thousands of men. Surveys show a full year after they leave our 120-day program a resounding number of our alumni are still sober. Many are now professional, business and civic leaders in the San Diego community and around the nation.

Our structured, supportive community and rugged, secluded location offer a perfect prescription for recovery. Situated on over 300 acres just 60 miles east of San Diego, we provide scheduled activities, comfortable quarters, recreational facilities and nutritious meals. A portion of the food served in the dining room was actually grown at the ranch.


(Privately Admitted Resident)
If you are an adult male needing immediate residential (live in) treatment for alcohol and/or drugs, the PAR program may be right for you. Imagine a rural, serene, country environment that will give you the opportunity to relax and recover. No matter what your living situation is; if you need to avoid waiting lists, meet our usual admission standards, and can pay up front every month please call 619-478-5696. BEDS AVAILABLE NOW!

The real key to our success is our social-model recovery program. Residents eat, sleep, work and study with both peers and men further along in the program, and with a staff who’s been where they are and now leads by example. Our regimen includes both one-on-one and group meetings based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.*

Need a less expensive or more effective recovery program? Lost your job, your wife, your driver’s license? Facing a possible prison sentence? We welcome privately admitted residents from anywhere in the United States (read more). We also partner with and accept referrals from the Veterans Administration, Many Nations, Volunteers of America, the Parolee Partnership Program, the San Diego County Drug Court System and the Substance Abuse Services Coordination Agency.

Because our capacity is limited to 56 licensed beds, new residents wait an average of 4 to 6 weeks to join us unless they are privately admitted.

Since 1972, Freedom Ranch has expanded as the need for our program has increased. Acreage needed for additional growth was purchased in 2009, and we’re working hard to more than double our resident capacity by 2017(read more).

*The San Diego Freedom Ranch, Inc. is licensed and certified by the State of California. While its program is based on the 12 Steps, it is not affiliated or associated with A.A.